As our name suggests, at Industrial Glass Solutions in the Gladstone region we specialise in glass. Our skilled glaziers can design, cut and install products for almost any application—domestic, commercial or industrial. See below for more information on the kinds of glass we provide and install.

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Machinery Glass

Industrial Glass Solutions supplies commercial and industrial clients throughout Gladstone with glass that can stand up to tough worksite conditions. Protect your machinery and staff with durable glass that meets all Australian standards. Specially designed machinery glass is a safe choice for your equipment and its operators. It is also naturally flame-retardant material and these toughened products can withstand all kinds of hard labour.

We replace industrial glass on-site to reduce machinery downtime, saving your project significant labour hours and costs while delivering fit-for-purpose products. Whether for safety guards or cabin windows, our glaziers can customise glass to fit even out-of-production vehicles and equipment.

For a product that performs under pressure and protects your equipment operators with impact resistance and noise suppression, Industrial Glass Solutions have the answer.

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At Industrial Glass Solutions in Tannum Sands, our qualified glaziers can meet all your retrofitting or renovation requirements. Whether you need panes for an office building facade or for noise dampening in a studio, we have the high-quality materials and expert workmanship to get the job done right.

Our double glazed glass can insulate, improve energy efficiency, and isolate noise. This is because of the dual (or multiple) panes of glass and the air space between them. This space can even be filled with a gas for greater sound mitigation. It's perfect for use in offices and homes to keep heating and cooling costs down or studios where sound interference could be an issue.

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Safety Glass

Do you need safety glass in your home or business? Industrial Glass Solutions supplies versatile and durably safety glass to Gladstone and surrounds.

Safety glass has to be used in all glass doors, in bathrooms, around stairs and anywhere that could be mistaken as an opening. It's more resistant to impact damage and, if broken, won't shatter into dangerous shards. There are two main types available—toughened and laminated.

Laminated glass is the best option when security is your highest priority, as it can take considerable punishment before giving in. It's made of multiple thin layers of glass bonded with a rigid interlayer, which holds the glass together, even if it has been broken.

Toughened glass is a more economical option, and more lightweight than laminated. It is heat-treated to introduce internal stresses that give the material an inner strength, making it 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass. This treatment causes it to fracture into small, blunt pieces if it is broken, protecting anyone inside from dangerous debris.

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